Social media marketing in Myanmar market is based on hot news in the country. Gossips of celebrities and influencers are major contents for social media marketing. Most local brands utilize them to get attention from consumers. Some succeed while some get blames from the crowd. So, we want to highlight some key tips in this post.

Social Media Marketing works when contents match to consumers’ emotions

Different target segment has different interests. The brand should know almost everything about its target customers. You can learn and research current trends on Facebook posts, Facebook groups, and famous Facebook pages.

You should also analyze whether your target customers involve such trends. Then, you can use these trends as marketing contents if your target customers involve.

For example, we sometimes use trending slangs as marketing contents. These attract more customers than other contents. Depending on your brand’s industry, contents differ.

However, more specific and more trending contents are major leads drivers for your brand.

Videos become top engaging contents on Social media

People love to watch short videos which are not more than 1 minute. Instead of graphic designs and photos, consumers prefer eye catching videos. Your videos must be attractive, informative and emotional.

To combine all these properties, you need to consult with local consultants because local consultants know what local consumers want to watch.

There are various types of videos in the market. Short videos, animations, presentation videos and live events are all video contents. They reach to your target consumers more on social media.

Avoid arguable contents

Myanmar consumers are very sensitive to political and religious issues. So, you should avoid these contents although you find very trending contents. Moreover, you should aware of gender discrimination and privacy.

For example, one brand uses very trending content as its marketing message on social media. Then, when consumers found out, they criticized the brand of using gender discrimination contents. So, the brand apologized on its social media page. At least, the brand name was damaged by itself.

They are some tips you can use when you do social media marketing in Myanmar.

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