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Inbound Marketing – An introduction to grow your business

Is inbound marketing just a jargon? Every year hot topics change: blockchain, machine learning, deep learning, AI, IOT, and inbound marketing are interesting topics discussing by many experts.


A customer journey starts when he or she interests your website or Facebook page. So, your Facebook posts or blog posts should be creative enough to attract your target audience.

‘Attract’ is the first part of inbound marketing. Audience usually notices when they hear about their challenges. So, contents at this stage should provoke curiosity among the audience.

An attractive infographic about your prospects’ challenges, a questionable post for your industry, and a short video are suitable for this stage. You usually should create short, sharp and shiny visual contents.

Audience doesn’t want push notifications, but they interest to read about challenges they are facing. Please attract your audience with valuable contents like how to or ultimate guides. We can help you to become a trusted advisor of your target audience with valuable contents like blog posts, 2D motion graphics or storytelling videos.

Inbound marketing attracts audience easily
Inbound marketing engages customers easily


It is necessary to nurture your prospects who are already in ‘Attract’ stage, with these ‘Engage’ contents. After your prospects follow your Facebook page or they subscribe your blog, it’s time to create usable contents that include values for them.

Audience loves to buy from whom they like. Solutions that can remove your audience’s pain points are essential to engage step.

After your prospects notice their challenges in the ‘Attract’ stage, they want to know solutions. If you can support them a feasible solution, these leads become qualify to hear more from you.

Therefore, ‘Engage’ contents should educate or inform some solutions.

Email Marketing and Messenger Marketing are major tools for this stage. These tools convert prospects into leads. Sometimes you need to use leads scoring method to segment your leads.


Inbound marketing doesn’t complete without retaining your profitable customers. After sale service or support are necessary to instigate your customers repeat purchase. By empowering your customers, you can retain them to get profitable customer relationship. User tips or online loyalty program are better solutions to improve sustainable business growth.

One of the theories of Marketing is to sell a product or service without advertising. Inbound marketing can fulfill this theory. There are no ads for audience but useable or knowledgeable contents in inbound marketing.

Inbound Marketing delights customers to purchase repeatedly

Inbound Marketing is easy to execute.

Its benefits are sharp and clear.

Tools and materials are very cheap because all are online materials. Website becomes a hub for all inbound marketing activities, and every touch-points or every actions by your audience can be traced without much difficulties. Marketing ROI can be measured precisely and you can check business growth with a single click. Overall inbound marketing is so much better than traditional marketing or offline activities.

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