Inbound Marketing

A method customers and marketers enjoy together…

Inbound Marketing is one of our digital marketing services. This method fulfills below three facts.

  1. It attracts target audience without pushing them.
  2. It engages target audience sincerely by providing valuable information.
  3. It converts target audience into loyal customers eventually.


A customer journey starts when he or she interests your website or Facebook page. So, your Facebook posts or blog posts should be creative enough to attract your target audience.

‘Attract’ is the first part of inbound marketing. Audience usually notices when they hear about their challenges. So, contents at this stage should provoke curiosity among the audience.

An attractive infographic about your prospects’ challenges, a questionable post for your industry, and a short video are suitable for this stage. You usually should create short, sharp and shiny visual contents.

attract Myanmar customers
Myanmar inbound marketing step 2


It is necessary to nurture your prospects who are already in ‘Attract’ stage, with these ‘Engage’ contents. After your prospects follow your Facebook page or they subscribe your blog, it’s time to create usable contents that include values for them.

After your prospects notice their challenges in the ‘Attract’ stage, they want to know solutions. If you can support them a feasible solution, these leads become qualify to hear more from you.

Therefore, ‘Engage’ contents should educate or inform some solutions.

Email Marketing and Messenger Marketing are major tools for this stage. These tools convert prospects into leads. Sometimes you need to use leads scoring method to segment your leads.


The final stage of buyer journey… The first stage to generate loyal customers

You get highly qualified leads from ‘Engage’ stage. Now, it’s time to sell!

You should use very smart contents in this stage. Free trials and discount coupons are major drivers to close the deals. Here, personal touch is mandatory!

inbound marketing deal
inbound marketing final stage
inbound marketing service

Let’s start Inbound Marketing

Attract, Engage, Deal… then, delight loyal customers now!

Your audience enjoys your inbound marketing, and then they finally become profitable loyal customers for your business.

This method results three benefits.

  1. The brand gets more qualified leads with the same amount of investment.
  2. Qualified leads convert themselves into customers faster than other methods of marketing.
  3. The brand can retain more loyal customers with inbound marketing.