Inbound Marketing: 2 reasons to start in Myanmar

Myanmar Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a new way of attracting, converting and delighting customers. Sure, inbound marketing is a new concept for Myanmar. However, you should use if you want more leads with less marketing cost.

Firstly please let me brief the concept of Inbound Marketing.

According to Hubspot, Inbound Marketing is about creating marketing that people love. If Facebook users in Myanmar love your posts, it is a successful inbound marketing.

Goals of Inbound marketing are promoting brands, generating leads, and delighting customers.

What are you doing now?

You are now spending your budget for Facebook ads, billboards, TV commercials and radio ads. However, return is not effective as you expected. Why?

You don’t create remarkable contents! You don’t help Myanmar consumers. So Myanmar consumers neglect your brand. It’s simple, Right!

You can help your target customers by using inbound marketing. Below are 2 awesome reasons you should start inbound marketing in Myanmar.

1. Inbound marketing doesn’t encourage ads!

Last year people rarely used internet. Low connection and high data tariff discouraged Myanmar consumers. Although most Myanmar consumers used Facebook, there were very few interest to Google.

Now all three telecom operators provide double internet package and free Facebook package. That changes Myanmar citizens to become active on Google than before. Moreover, Myanmar consumers use Facebook as a hub of news and entertainment.

On the other hand, Myanmar people are more active to avoid Ads.  They hate any kind of ads whether they are TV commercials or Facebook ads. Myanmar consumers want more information and knowledge. So brands face difficulties to spread the word about their products and services.

What is the most effective way to attract Myanmar consumers?

  • Showing brand values. Here you can learn more.
  • Making friends with target audience.
  • Creating word of mouth.

All of them can be done on Facebook. And you can strengthen your brand image with the help of inbound marketing.

Create something applicable immediately for Myanmar consumers. Eg. Templates, lists or free consultation. You can also check social media marketing guide for retailers.

Spread this on Facebook. Share in Facebook groups.

If your brand always tries to help Myanmar consumers, they love to check your Facebook page.

Do you think that Myanmar consumers would share your advertisements on Facebook?

According to our research, most shared posts of Facebook are educational contents. Then second most shared contents are memes.

Please think about your brand personality. Eg. Majestic or funny or friendly or proactive or pioneering.

Create contents that are reflective to your brand personality.

Here I can tell you a great story. A story of Myanmar KFC!

Person in charge of Myanmar KFC Facebook page responded comments in very funny ways. He used updated Myanmar Slangs while replying comments. Myanmar Fans love to read theses replies. So they try to make comments on that Facebook page.  It improves:

  1. Remarkable awareness
  2. Community Engagement
  3. Word of Mouth

You don’t need to reply funny comments but you need to create remarkable contents. You can read more Facebook marketing tips here.

2. Inbound marketing can attract Myanmar teenagers.

The most buying power is in the hand of young people and they love to use Facebook.

Like other citizens, Myanmar young people love to post selfies and they love to share valuable posts.

When they have to buy something, they firstly search on Facebook or ask questions to friends on Facebook. Do you want an example?

Last week Myanmar Facebook users face problems on Frozen keyboard and Bagan keyboard. They can’t post correct Myanmar words on Facebook. So you can see a lot of posts on Facebook about solutions. People search on Facebook or ask on Facebook rather than ask to mobile shops. Why?

Do they hate sales pitch from mobile shops? Or Do they trust Facebook community rather than professionals? The answer is both!

If your brand can’t create a Facebook community, all of your other marketing activities will fail. That’s an example of inbound marketing because the core concept of inbound marketing is caring.

Now you have seen how Myanmar people changed their behavior.

Remember! The goal of inbound marketing is to generate sales qualified leads with the help of remarkable contents.

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