Last year, Krispy Kreme, a famous donuts chain, opened its first retail outlet in Yangon. People were standing outside the outlet to get some gifts and discounts. Although most people have never been eaten this brand’s donuts, they got up early and queued enthusiastically. That’s the same customer behavior we saw within last 2 years period. There was queued customers waiting outside the fast-food chain KFC outlet in 2015. There were also amazing crowds at some fashion stores opening time. We saw Myanmar customers patiently stood outside Bread Talk’s first shop to chew its products. The only different thing is the brand name. KFC, Krispy Kreme, Bread Talk, Penshoppe, they are some brands to get customer interest in the first place. Then, what happen now? Are there any customers waiting outside to get donut? Are there anyone queuing to get a bread? Are fashion shops crowded with buyers? Some maintain but most can’t keep their customers.

The truth is hard to believe. I used to check one fashion shop named Samuel & Kelvin, bought some pants but the shop shut down last 6 months ago. A friend of mine who eagerly went donut shop opening ceremony, never love to chew donuts. An ex-colleague of mine who ate pizza together with his family, never visit that shop again. A couple who love to hangout at famous bar, now try another brand without reasons. Customer behavior is very interesting, but it is more complicated in Myanmar. “Myanmar consumers are like Zombies”, my friend said me once. At that time, he was risk management professional and he was calculating SME risks. His employer is a famous bank in Yangon. After 2 years, He joins another bank to calculate risks of Myanmar corporations again. He said that Myanmar consumers changed brands without significant reasons. “Impressive crowds at opening ceremony, but depressive emptiness daily – Consumers are the most disloyal people. They go when a new shop opens, but never royal to that brand how much that brand is good at service” he continued. When one restaurant gives discounts, consumers run and eat there until another shop gives promotions, may be 50% off. “There is no brand royalty among Myanmar consumers” he blamed, “so how a brand can survive such kind of consumer loyalty risk.”

Not only brands but also influencers suffer that kind of disloyalty. Your top fan can be a top fan of your competitors. Beauty bloggers, travel bloggers, food bloggers, no one can maintain followers retention long time. Followers can switch or unfollow you without any significant reasons. When you are new in the market, you are very likely to get thousand followers. However, your maturity stage comes earlier than you expected.

So, whom can you blame? I think you can’t because they are your customers. They can come and go at the same time. So, what is the solution? You may ask, with what tactic, you can maintain your customers. There is one tactic and fortunately, that’s not so hard to use.

Tactic you can keep your goose that give golden eggs

Myanmar consumers have high tendency that love to use new ones, new products, new brands, new logos. The proof is that there are so many attendants at new shop opening ceremonies. And they also have high tendency to love integrity and transparency. Brands that have high transparency stands out of the crowd during last 3 years period. With authentic products or services, you can easily attract Myanmar customers. Since hard ads and fake promotions annoyed Myanmar customers, they now neglect such activities. People are willing to see values from the brands. What value does your brand provide? That value is your success content marketing road-map. Please try to keep this promise over your lifetime. Later, you will see every day that your shop is like an opening ceremony.

Valuable message, valuable asset

An asset can generate income for you. Similarly, content with full of information can change customer mindset. Then, you can request to try your products. A customer with full knowledge will buy your products. To develop valuable messages, you need a content marketing strategy. A valuable message can contain why your brand established, why you produce your products, how you develop your products, product specifications, and so on. However, the main theme should be benefits of using your products. Content marketing can indirectly hit the target. Since unconscious mind is more powerful than conscious mind, content marketing that hit your target audience unconsciously, can help you keep your customers. With content marketing, your brand image penetrates into the heart of your target audience.

On conclusion, we love to see more brands coming to Myanmar. Also, we love to see crowds at brands’ shops. We love to help your brand to stand out of the crowd too.

By the way, Happy Diwali 😊

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