5 Buyer Persona Tips to overcome Facebook Marketing Challenges

Myanmar facebook marketing challenges

Facebook Marketing engagement becomes no.1 challenge for marketing executives and marketing agencies in Myanmar. Since last two months, the brand pages have been experiencing decrease in engagement. More than 50% of engagement reduction occurs for almost every brand page. Now, brands have to use more advertising budget on Facebook to get enough brand engagement.

Facebook is only one digital marketing platform for Myanmar market. When people use web browser very rare, marketers focus mostly on Facebook. They tell brand stories in various types of contents. Since the beginning of 2018, videos give much more engagement than any other content types.

Remedies for Facebook Marketing Challenges

As Zuckerberg warned, brand pages need to produce more attractive contents that followers want to share. But, what are these attractive contents? What types of contents are more attractive? Below, you can find ideas from our digital experts.

One creates more specific buyer persona, more attractive content one can produce.

Buyer persona is first priority for to overcome current Facebook Marketing challenges. Mostly, marketers in Myanmar have general view of buyer personas. Market segmentation is very important and if one can create more details of a buyer persona, tendency to success increases.

There are at least five facts for one buyer personas. Career interests, preferred channel, social community, idols and hobbies are major five facts to consider while creating a buyer persona.

Career Interests

Everybody has career interests but they differ. For example, sales manager at car dealer wants to learn sales and marketing knowledge, operation manager at food production factory wants to understand industry 4.0, and a senior medical doctor wants latest news of medical tools. Why? If sales manager has more sales and marketing knowledge, he or she can improve performance. It’s the same for both operation manager and senior medical doctor. If your marketing message includes such kind of career interests, your buyer personas will love to share.

Preferred Channels

Although most people use Facebook as major digital platform, some find interesting things on other social media or websites. So, you need to clarify which platform your buyer persona prefers. For example, one of my clients watch YouTube channels so much. He usually searches product reviews, trending news and future techs on YouTube. Another client searches on Google for his international suppliers. Therefore, prefer channels differ on different buyer persona.

Social Community

One offline activity for creating buyer persona is finding social community of your buyer persona. For example, if you target to reach single male office staffs for your restaurants, you need to get good reviews from such kind of community. You need to brainstorm where your single male buyer personas go, and whom they listen to. Then, you need to spread your marketing message among such community. One useful thing is that there are a lot of Facebook groups. So, you can identify which group has your buyer persona and then try to send marketing message in that Facebook group.


As you know, most consumers buy after hearing reviews from some influencers. Your buyer persona should have local and international idols. Sometimes, he or she loves to watch some Facebook lives or loves to follow specific Facebook page. What we want to explore is that one Facebook page or one Facebook account can be idol of your buyer persona. You need to identify by asking some research samples from your environment. If it is very difficult to find, you can get help from local digital marketing agency.


Hobbies are also indirect facts that influence purchase decision. Suppose that you are selling watches and one of your buyer personas usually plays golf on weekends. You don’t need to go every golf club but your Facebook contents should inspire playing golf while wearing your watches. You can also publish videos including reviews of your watches by golf players. Or maybe you can write a white paper about golf tips. Spread your brand virus by indirect way plays vital role to provoke purchase decision of your buyer personas.

In brief, these 5 tips can help you to create better buyer personas and you can overcome current Facebook Marketing challenges in Myanmar.

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