Digital Marketing tips may differ for different market. In Myanmar, digital marketing is still a growing stage. Although most Myanmar consumers use Facebook as their major digital platform, there are many rooms to come in. As every marketer knows, digital marketing can provide consumers more values than traditional marketing. Therefore, when brands master specific digital marketing tips for specific market, they grow very fast.

Digital marketing tips to engage Myanmar consumers

Local brands use Facebook Marketing to engage followers. Because Myanmar consumers usually use Facebook, there are many local brands that embrace social media marketing. However, there are very few local brands that understand comprehensively the advantages of digital marketing. International brands are also reluctant to increase investment in digital marketing. That may be because they feel no significant results from digital marketing. In this post, we would like to show you 3 steps to grow in Myanmar with digital marketing. All three steps relate with inbound marketing methods.

Attract with valuable contents

Attracting is the first of our three digital marketing tips. Because there is a huge gap in systematic occupational education, Myanmar consumers are hungry to learn knowledge and skills. In every industry, professionals are rare. They want to learn something from anywhere and anytime. Why don’t you develop reliable knowledge source for your target customers? If you are a car dealer, you can showcase your cars but that alone can’t attract enough visitors. Segmenting your target customers can help to understand more buyer personas. Each buyer persona has his or her own desire, hobby and challenges. Most target customers for car dealers love to share car buying tips, racing cars, smart life tips and personal grooming tips.

Entertaining Vlogs are also key digital marketing drivers in Myanmar. However, you need to be clear yourself that each Vlog should generate enough visitors. That means, you need clear KPI for every campaign. Myanmar consumers love to watch videos than to read articles. You need to choose an influencer, then you should create valuable marketing contents.

Most local brands do advertising only on Facebook. So, they can’t monitor and analyze results. One of the advantages of digital marketing over traditional marketing is marketing ROI. Without marketing ROI, how can one brand grow faster? How can one brand understand its target audience?

Therefore, you need to attract visitors to your website or mobile app from any social media channels. Later you can convert them into leads.

Generate Qualified Leads

Not every target customer is ready to buy your products. You need to nurture qualified leads. Vlogs are the best to attract target audience in Myanmar. Then, you can ask them to subscribe your Vlog. In Myanmar, local brands can’t get enough subscribers because they don’t know how to nurture their visitors.

What can you provide your target audience as a gift? It doesn’t need to be free. But it should have some values for your target audience. Myanmar consumers love to download valuable information.

How can you find valuable contents for your brand?

Buyer Journey takes part in this step. In the first step, your prospects interest your brand by knowing their challenges. This is your first Attracting stage. Then, they become interest to learn how to solve these challenges. So, you can nurture your prospects by providing ideas, data or methods. Your prospects can download from your website or read on your emails or blog. In return, you will get leads information.

Valuable contents can be an infographic, an Ebook, a free Webinar, a podcast series or a printable design. These contents will explain your prospects to understand your brand’s services and products.

In this consideration stage, your free contents should explain challenges of your prospects, should show some example solutions and should encourage your prospects to subscribe your blog or Vlogs. However, you should not advertise your products or services in these contents. Because your prospects are not ready to choose your brand.

If your free contents can make the prospects interest, these leads will subscribe your blog or Vlogs. At that time, you can nurture your leads into your customers.

Close the deals with exclusive contents

This is the final stage of buyer journey. Whether your qualified leads will become your customers or they are just freebies lovers, you will know after this stage. Depending on your target audience, you must decide types of your last exclusive contents. They should be a discount coupon, a buy one get one free ticket, a loyalty member card with 50% discount, a seminar ticket, an ultimate guide E-book, or a workshop ticket.

Your exclusive content should connect with your products or services. In this decision stage, you should explain your products or services to some extent. These contents should drive sales. At least your qualified leads should contact your customer service numbers.

If your staffs can meet these leads in person, your inbound marketing succeeds.

These are the basic 3 digital marketing tips for Myanmar market. If you want more ideas, you can find practical guideline here. Hope you enjoy our ideas!

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