Since 2010, digital marketing has become famous. Both local and foreign companies approach consumers on social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. They use various kind of contents including videos, GIFs, presentation videos and curated posts. Some success but some fail to engage Myanmar consumers. Digital Marketing is a tool to engage consumers but the way it should be done is slightly different in Myanmar.

Digital Marketing Landscape in Myanmar

With over 50 million consumers, Myanmar is a fresh and emerging market located in ASEAN. Export giants like Thailand and China are neighboring countries of Myanmar. However, Myanmar has rich natural resources and cheap labor. Therefore, every foreign investor should always listen to changing rhythms of Myanmar.

Most people in Myanmar are not used to Google. They don’t care Email Marketing and also don’t like to read long posts like this one. Most consumers in Myanmar love to watch short videos which are not longer than 1 minute. They love to share humors and gossips. Also, they prefer to engage heart-touching videos.

Pushing too much make brands dead!

Brands succeed if they provide valuable contents while some die because their ads push too much. This is more accurate in Myanmar. Some people think that Myanmar consumers love advertisements. They love to watch their favorite models shaking and singing. But stats show that engagement increases when brands use valuable contents.

Be specific when you choose target audience

If you conduct survey in Myanmar, you will rarely find any significances about Myanmar consumers. This doesn’t mean that local people are not different. Most of the time, they rarely fill correct information in the surveys. But they are totally different in reality.

Let me show you one example. There are many motehinkha (Myanmar traditional breakfast food) shops in Yangon. Average price is around MMK 800. However, there is one shop named Ma Ni, which sells motehinkha with more than MMK 3000. And many consumers still go and eat there. Taste is not different with other shops. Also, the shop is not modernized. It is just a hawker style.

What I want to say is Myanmar consumers have some strange emotions! It is very obvious in entertainment industry. If they love one actor, they love so much, but if they feel one bad emotion from that actor, popularity becomes immediately nearly zero. So, rise and fall duration of Myanmar talents is very fast.

When you choose your target audience for your brand, you need to collaborate with local experts carefully. Perceptions and emotions are very important for local people.

Value based marketing is like a delicious dish – everybody loves to share it!

Engagement is the most important conversion block in digital marketing. People love, share and talk about your marketing message, then, you get qualified leads. This principle is also suitable for Myanmar consumers.

We have one success story about this. Our first client is mobile car polishing service company. The client can’t get enough qualified leads from Facebook. So, we create 3 buyer personas and attract them with educational contents. Yes, we write about polishing, detailing, waxing, and car maintenance too. Within 2 months, the client gets 3x qualified leads and revenues increase more than 60%. Instead of pushing prospects, we nurture them with educational contents.

So, what is your brand values? Show them to your prospects as valuable contents.

Attract and convert leads on website with Inbound Marketing

Many marketers still believe that websites are useless for Myanmar market. They also conclude that Email Marketing is not worthy! Although Myanmar consumers love to use Facebook, there are opportunities to convert them on your website.

That’s where inbound marketing plays vital role. According to Hubspot, Inbound Marketing helps you attract customers with content designed to attract qualified prospects, and convert them into leads and customers.

Inbound Marketing can attract, nurture and convert your prospects. However, you need very specific strategy and strict actions to get the best outcomes.

Inbound Marketing fulfills the gap in your conversion process. We also get qualified leads from inbound marketing. Then, we provide free Ebooks for both local and international prospects. You shouldn’t sell, you should help your prospects. This is the main philosophy of inbound marketing.

On Conclusion, this guide is currently complete. You can use and test. Then, you can give feedback by commenting below.

Hope you can enjoy our blog post and find some ways to attract, convert and close future prospects.

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