Digital marketing is not new but not mature yet.

Digital Marketing is the type of marketing through online media such as Facebook, Gmail, mobile app, and website. However, most people in Myanmar know a little bit about it and they think digital marketing is only on Facebook. We want to show how digital marketing is still at very early stage in Myanmar.

Facebook = All for one, One for All!

Facebook has becomes quite popular among Myanmar people since 2010. In addition, it grows as one and only social media for local people. Most use it for knowledge sharing, political discussions, playing games, making new friends, sharing feelings and also for dating. When brand managers realize that everyone spends their time on Facebook unconsciously, they start advertising on Facebook. When users see more entertaining videos and funny posts on Facebook business pages, they spend more on Facebook.

Internet = Facebook

When you ask someone in Myanmar to check internet, he or she will open Facebook app and search on it. Now, it turns into the knowledge bank for all users. People search for recipes, definitions, shop locations, medicines and even birthday gift ideas on Facebook. Among mobile apps, Myanmar netizens rarely use beyond Facebook and that’s why you can see a lot of failures of local tech startups. Even free reading app with thousands of books failed to attract users. We don’t want to blame reasons why people don’t get out of Facebook. Instead, we have to accept Facebook is the only effective online media platform for digital marketing.

More Rooms are empty!

There are many ways to promote or observe via online. In recent years, marketers started using advertisements via website and users also noticed them during surfing internet but not quite popular among users. Later, mobile industry became legendary, at the same time, marketers also relocated their ads through mobile and this idea has been drawn more attentions to the users. Let’s think about the mobile apps which are quite noticeable among people; Joox and wave money app. They provide value for users. Joox gives free songs while Wavemoney facilitates payment among rural people. So, you should first think unique benefit of your mobile app so that users forget Facebook and come to you. Although rooms are empty, you need contents to attract visitors; contents that can make users addicted.

Digital marketing is broad and effective technique, but in Myanmar, we haven’t use all of its benefits yet. There are many ways to attract digitally and there are many platforms to use.

Digital marketing can grow quickly your business and get your loyal customers. So, every owner should eliminate the old ways and gradually transform new digital marketing strategy. Of course you need a detailed digital marketing plan and experts that can implement that plan successfully.

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