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Consumers embrace brands that fulfill their needs. Efectivee transforms companies by creating viral contents, with the help of data-driven positive mindset.

We use remarkable contents to build customer value that appeal target audience. Presenting simply but creatively, we help brands getting loyal customers. Such creativity develops us to become fast-growing digital marketing agency in Myanmar.


Creative Projects

Generating qualified leads.


Digital Contents

Engaging consumers online.


Graphic Designs

Stimulating purchase decisions.


Digital Products

Delighting customers.

Made with Heart.


We consistently study market and trends, analyze best practices and engage key thinkers in the respective industry. We present valuable information to our clients to understand current situation. We base our intelligence at the lowest level and build other core values upon it.


Data can’t lie, so our data-driven marketing strategies usually bring practical results. Our honest consultation reflects feasibility of the clients’ demand. Starting with a low hanging fruit, we fulfill the clients’ demand beyond expectation.


Empowering our associates, we build an agency with upmost effectiveness and efficiency. Diversity in skills and beliefs even transforms our associates to have optimistic point of view.  Collaboration combined with integrity and intelligence makes my team versatile so that we surpass constantly changing challenges.


Make a difference, but keep it simple! To reach our goal, we need to think out of the box, and try to improve that matters. Whatever challenges are, we enlighten our clients in the simplest way, and deliver enduring results that grow them fast.


Efectivee is a private company led by founder and co-founder. We work as a team with no excuses. We are proud to help local clients to explore new market.

founder of efectivee inbound marketing agency

There is no way better than inbound marketing in terms of ROI and growth.


Chit Shane Poe is founder and business development director of Efectivee. Prior to Efectivee, she used to be a brand manager for KBZ airline and worked as pricing manager of Myanmar National Airline.

She is responsible for pricing, sales and partnership programs. She is also a founder of P&POE fashion brand. She directs Efectivee to become a local thought-leadership in a very short time. She is now finding opportunities in the global market.

Due to her skills and experiences, Efectivee has grown from a small agency to a local trusted digital partner. She decides guideline for partnership.

She got her first bachelor degree in Japanese, and graduated MBA from Assumption University of Thailand.

founder of efectivee inbound marketing agency

Marketing is creating customer value that results a sustainable growth.


Philip Pyaie Phyoe is co-founder and marketing director of Efectivee. He founded a short-lived Fox Republic marketing agency prior to Efectivee. He also established PC Auto car service center in 2020 and sold this business in 2021.

He is key person for contents, design, and creative productions. He is also an author of three marketing books in Burmese. He very often writes scripts, columns and short fictions too.

Now he is taking Efectivee to next step to enter the global market. Combining inbound marketing with analytics and augmented reality, he is trying to develop a tech product made by Efectivee.

He holds bachelor degree in Marine Engineering, and is also a MBA graduate from Assumption University of Thailand.

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Efectivee Digital marketing & technology book
Digital Marketing & Technology

The book emphasizes technology and its effects on digital marketing. This is a combined book of posts we publish on our Facebook page. It is the first and successful book for our agency.

Efectivee Digital marketing & management book
Digital Marketing & Management

The book emphasizes management and its effects on digital marketing. This is a combined book of posts we publish on our Facebook page. It is the second book and successful for its diversity in management theories.

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